Party Wall Notice served for new courtyard, East Sussex
Party Wall Notice served for new courtyard, East Sussex
A Building Surveyor Who Cuts Through the Hassle Call 07967 254296 for your FREE 30-minute phone consultation
A Building Surveyor Who Cuts Through the Hassle Call 07967 254296 for your FREE 30-minute phone consultation  

Residential & Party Wall Surveyor, London & SE 

Expert Residential & Party Wall Surveys 

Building work involving party walls can be contentious. But it really needn’t be if handled sensitively and correctly from the start by an experienced Party Wall Surveyor.


Read on for some straightforward information about party walls. For those in London, Kent, Sussex or the South East, call me on 07967 254296 for further advice about Party Wall Notices, Schedules of Condition and Party Wall Awards.


Party Walls: 3-Part Definition

  1. A party wall or party structure is one that forms a shared boundary between two or more properties.
  2. It may stand astride the boundary, or be wholly on one owner’s land but be used to separate properties.
  3. It can include garden walls (known as ‘party fence walls’), but doesn’t include fences or hedges. 

My FREE 4-step guide (below) will tell you if you are, in fact, dealing with a party wall. And you’ll get a concise, straightforward explanation of the correct procedure to follow.


Which means you’ll have the best chance of avoiding delays and preventing disputes or resolving them quickly. So you can get on with the job in hand. 

Get the FREE Party Wall Guide 

Party Walls: FREE Guide


Get clear on WHAT you need to do, as well as WHEN and HOW to do it. 


For a concise summary of correct Party Wall procedure: click the PDF link below this box to download my FREE 4-Step Guide. 


Or, for further details, see the government’s comprehensive 53-page explanatory booklet, ‘Party Wall etc. Act 1996’, at

Click below for the free, step-by-step guide to party walls.

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The Party Wall Act 1996 – The Most Important Points to Consider

The Pyramus & Thisbe Club, of which I am a proud member, promotes best practice among Building Surveyors when applying Party Wall procedure. As such, it played an important part in framing the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.


The purpose of the Act is to provide a framework for preventing or resolving disputes arising from work that involves a shared wall, or other structure shared by two (or more) properties. 

The Act is NOT intended to prevent building work. It sets out the Building Owner’s rights as to what kind of work is allowed. It also explains the Building Owner’s responsibilities towards Adjoining Owners


The key points are whether the work affects the structural strength of the wall, or damages the neighbour’s side of the wall. 

Pyramus & Thisbe Club


The club’s name comes from characters in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Shakespeare’s two star-crossed lovers were separated by a wall following a family dispute. It didn’t end well. 


Make sure your Party Wall negotiations run more smoothly. Read the full list of FAQs on the P&T website.

Do You Need Help From a Surveyor?


The best way to avoid delays and disputes is to be well informed from the start.


Get started now. Download my free summary PDF guide (above) and read the online guidance provided at and the Pyramus & Thisbe website. Follow the recommended procedure and seek advice where necessary. 


As a Chartered Surveyor in Kent, one of my specialisms is carrying out Party Wall Surveys. I can: 

  • advise on the correct Party Wall process
  • act as your appointed Surveyor
  • also act impartially as the Agreed Surveyor for both parties (Building Owner and Adjoining Owner)

I Offer A Full Suite of Party Wall Services


I prepare and issue:

  • Party Wall Notices
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Party Wall Awards 

For those in London or the SE, call me on 07967 254296 for a FREE Party Wall consultation and advice about your particular circumstances.


I always advise clients that it’s in their own interest (and polite!) to talk to neighbours informally BEFORE any Notices are issued. It’s the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

Surveying Services for Homeowners of Residential Property

Are you making alterations or renovations to your new or current home?


When you’re a homeowner, upgrading your property allows you to create a home that reflects your vision and lifestyle.


Avoid complications by ensuring the smooth progress of any refurbishment. And be in-the-know about necessary permissions and approvals. Forewarned really is forearmed when it comes to property.

Surveying Services for Domestic Properties 

London & SE 


Check out the residential surveying services I offer below and call me on 07967 254296 for advice.


For work involving business premises and commercial property, find out more about the services I offer as a commercial Property Surveyor.

Refurbishing or Extending Your Property 

Get comprehensive advice and full costings before making structural changes such as knocking through walls and building extensions, or if you want to change the use of space by converting your loft, basement or garage.

Planning & Building Control Applications

Are you looking for up-to-date information to clarify whether you need planning permission or building regulations approval for your work? It’s crucial you have certificates of compliance when you come to sell your home. 

Tailor-Made Building Condition Surveys

If you’re buying an older or more unusual property or a listed building, get an in-depth analysis of condition and defects with a tailor-made condition survey. If necessary, the survey can focus on particular areas of concern, helping you make informed decisions on remedial work.

Customised Surveys for Domestic Properties


I’ve worked as a Building Surveyor for more than 30 years (and counting!), mainly within private practice. I honed my skills working for 25 years at Surveying firms in central London and Kent, before setting up my own Consultancy in Maidstone in 2010.


As a sole proprietor providing custom building surveys for domestic property, I’m used to working alongside other professionals. I also recommend and co-ordinate the services of other specialists, such as architects, planners, engineers, solicitors, other surveyors and insurance experts in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.


So you’ll reap all the benefits of a big firm’s breadth of experience and expertise, while enjoying a small-firm’s flexibility and personal attention.

Discuss Your Project With an Expert Residential & Party Wall Surveyor


To get advice from a Party Wall Surveyor in London or the SE, or to discuss a domestic or residential surveycall me on 07967 254296 with no obligation. Alternatively, send an email with brief details of what you need, and I’ll get back to you promptly. 

I’m a fully qualified MRICS Chartered Building Surveyor specialising in Party Walls. I work in London as well as across Kent and the South East.

Find out more about me and the work I do. Discover why I got into surveying and see if I’ll be a good fit for what you have in mind.

I advise commercial clients dealing with maintenance, alterations and repairs. Find out how I can help your business or property portfolio.

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Are you a property developer, investor or homeowner based in London or the SE? Or a commercial landlord or tenant? Looking for information about: 

  • building project management

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  • planning regulations  

  • building control 

  • structural surveys & property advice

  • Party Wall Notices & Awards

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  • Technical Due Diligence 

  • dispute resolution   

  • Expert Witness? 

Then I can probably save you some time and money. Get in touch and let’s see how I can help.

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